Hurricanes in Puerto Rico 1500-1899
Hurricanes in Puerto Rico 1900-1979
Hurricanes in Puerto Rico 1980-2005
Hurricane Hugo 1989, Puerto Rico
Hurricane Georges 1998, Puerto Rico
Hurricane Georges Damage Photos
Super Hurricane Wilma

Here there are some good cyclone-related links:

Storm Chaser Jim Leonard's Cyclone Jim Page (very recommended)

National Hurricane Center, Miami

Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Hawaii

Brisbane Tropical Cyclone Centre, Australia

Perth Tropical Cyclone Centre, Australia

Cuban Meteorological Institute (spanish)

Radars of Mexico

National Weather Service, San Juan Puerto Rico

Radars of USA

National Weather Service, Guam and Marianas Islands

Regional Met. Centre, Mumbai (Bombay) India

Atlantic and East Pacific Basins Satellite Imagery

NRL Monterrey Satellite Images (Tropical Cyclones Worldwide and also Global Images)

Unisys Past Tropical Cyclone Track Archives

Historical Images of Storms

Storm Chaser Mike Theiss Page

Tropical Models Predictions for the Atlantic Basin

Michael Padua's Typhoon 2000, Great for storms in in the Westpac and the Phillippines!

Weather Station San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico by Gilberto Torruellas