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Four additional tropical storm formations expected in the Atlantic Basin in October and November (Dr. Gray's Forecast).

Active Tropical Cyclones Worldwide (none)
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Tropical Cyclone Name/Category
Satellite/Radar Image
Atlantic Basin

Western Atlantic IR Loop

Central Atlantic IR

East Pacific Basin

Eastern Pacific IR Loop

Eastern-Central Pacific IR

West Pacific Basin

Western Pacific IR

Guam-Marianas IR

Guam-Marianas IR Loop

North Indian Ocean


Indian Ocean IR

Indian Ocean IR Loop

South Indian Ocean


Indian Ocean IR

Indian Ocean IR Loop

Bay of Bengal IR

South Pacific Ocean


Australia-SW Pacific IR

SE Pacific IR

SE Pacific IR Loop

* No official warnings from JTWC, official warnings from other agency or personal estimates of PRHC.

Tropical Cyclone Warning Centers:
  • Atlantic & Eastern Pacific west to 140W: National Hurricane Center, Miami FL (NHC).
  • Central Pacific Ocean between the Dateline and 140W: Central Pacific Hurricane Center, Hawaii (CPHC).
  • Western Pacific Ocean: Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).
  • North Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea: India Meteorological Department, RSMC Delhi (IMD).
  • South Indian Ocean west of 90E: Meteo-France, La Reunion (MFR).
  • South Indian Ocean between 90E and 129E: Perth Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre, Perth, Australia TCWC (Perth).
  • Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpenteria (130E-142E): Darwin Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre, Australia TCWC (Darwin).
  • Solomon Sea and Gulf of Papua: TCWC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (Guinea).
  • Southwest Pacific Ocean and Coral Sea west of 160E: Brisbane Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre, Brisbane, Australia TCWC (Brisbane).
  • South Pacific Ocean east of 160E: RSMC Nadi Tropical Cyclone Centre, Nadi, Fiji (Fiji).
  • Tasman Sea: TCWC Wellington, New Zealand (Wellington).

Note: All of the above are Regional Specialized Meterological Centers (RSMC) or Tropical Cyclone Warning Centers (TCWC) designated by the World Meteorological Organization to issue warnings of tropical cyclones in the different basins around the planet.

  • Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Hawaii covers all the basins except the Atlantic and their warnings are only for US military and government purposes.

Gurabo, Puerto Rico

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